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Biometric Social Interaction

Furthering our studies in biometric social interaction, we created an entire space in which people could examine their own biosignals, and explore social interactivity based on bio-interaction.

Festival della Creativita, Florence, Italy
We created a 5m by 5m space in which interactive information boards explained biosignals to visitors, and visitors then had the opportunity to join strangers and get hooked up to heart rate, galvanic skin response and gaze detectors and try to create social moments and interactions as a result of their bio-interactions. We wanted to explore what would happen when more than looks, clothes, or attitude were involved, what happens when you need to communicate and show off your biometrics? Visit our blog entry about the BSI Hardware to learn more.

Creative Clash @ Babel night club in Malmö, Sweden
Playing with the social domain, we explore how people interact and react physiologically through the use of biometrics sensors including thermal output, heart rate, brain activity, posture, movement, and mechanical body reaction. For Babel night club, we projected two sensor-wearer's heart rate's on to the wall of the club. No one knew who was wearing the sensors so it became a game to try and raise the heart rate of everyone and see which person generated a change in the projected information - an excellent ice breaker for the networking event, Creative Clash!

ThoughtMade, Sweden
GeekPhysical attended Thoughtmade, a gathering of creative innovators at a culture nightclub (Inkonst) in Malmo, Sweden. We presented ourselves, and our thoughts on pushing the amazing stuff going on in the Oresund region (Copenhagen & Malmo) out into the world and encouraged people to start exploring, tinkering, and making things! Visit to visit ThoughtMade online.

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