Tesla – Wired Mind Exhibit

As part of a 6 month exhibit at the Culture Yard (Kulturværftet) in Helsingør, we worked with curator and artist Casper Øbro to create an entire exhibition around the life and work of Nikola Tesla.

Tesla invented much of what we use in our daily lives, but was not as recognized as other inventors of his time. As such, Øbro’s aim was to shed light on the many amazing accomplishments of Tesla and give visitors a feel for what he created and how it worked. For the exhibition, we created the “Tesla photo booth” taking inspiration from the classic photo of Tesla, sitting and reading in front of his high voltage generator. Visitors could put on a lab coat, sit in a chair in front of a replica of Tesla’s machine, and have their photo taken. The photo would show up on an old, creaky machine where they could add in their own lighting bolts and adjust for different levels of lightening. Visitors could then email the photos to themselves. See photos on Flickr, here.