Biometric Social Interaction (BSI)

How do people socially interact when they are aware of their biosignals? Playing with the social domain, we explore how people interact and react physiologically through the use of biometrics sensors including thermal output, heart rate, brain activity, posture, movement, and mechanical body reaction.

We have created three experiments to date: the Critical Corset, the Wireless Biometrics System at a networking event at Babel nightclub in Malmö, Sweden, and the Biometric Social Interaction System featured at Festival della Creativita, Florence, Italy and ThoughtMade, Malmö, Sweden. We hope to develop the system further, possibly including EEG, and pushing people’s boundaries just a bit further… Read more here to learn about each of the appearances of the BSI system. Read about the various appearances and technology of the Biometric Social Interaction system and how it works here.