Cold Feet Interactive Wedding Bouquet

Project “Cold Feet” the Interactive Wedding Bouquet was designed by GeekPhysical to show, at a glance, if the bride is excited (white) or calm (blue). Her emotions register instantly and are shown to all, through the bouquet.

The Cold Feet Interactive Wedding Bouquet debuted at first, our wedding, and then at the Bridal & Fashion Expo in San Paulo Brazil to show a fun and geeky side of bouquets. The bouquet was shown on Mais Voce, a popular women’s talk show. You can view the broadcast here (in Portuguese). They discuss the Cold Feet bouquet at approximately 3:35.

The Experience
The Bride is a curious mixture of emotions, both nervous and excited for her wedding, she’s marrying her love, and awaits the walk up the aisle. As she begins her walk, her bouquet glows, beautifully twinkling between blue and white and settling on one color and then the other. Blue lights represent when she is calm and happy and white lights show her nervousness and her excitement. Her guests, and most importantly, her beloved, can see her emotions change. She reaches the end of her walk and the bouquet glows a beautiful blue, as she stands before the person she will spend her life with. A quick flash of white as they kiss and away they go, married and happy.

How it works:
The bouquet is made of three main elements, A ring that the bride wears measures her Galvanic Skin Response, or her emotional state. This information is transmitted via a wire to the base of the bouquet, where the electronics are hidden, and lights up the fiber optics that are interwoven into the flower bouquet. The bouquet glows blue when she is calm and white when she is excited. The bouquet can be removed easily by removing the ring so the bride can carry out her bride duties, such as eating.

The Cold Feet Interactive Wedding Bouquet received a lot of attention online, appearing at:
Make Magazine
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