The Tesla Coil & Wireless Energy Transfer Workshop

For the 2012 Click Festival we created a musical Tesla coil. Having built up to the Click Festival with the six month “Tesla Wired Mind Exhibit” we took it to the next level for the festival, creating a beautiful time-period Tesla coil and bird-cage inspired Faraday cage.

We created the Tesla coil taking much inspiration from sketches and photographs of Tesla’s work and the time period it was from. The Tesla coil was a special project for our inventor, Dzl who spent many months perfecting the look, feel and operation of the coil to be a homage to Tesla. He created a Faraday cage for it, inspired by Victorian bird cages and ensured every detail of both the coil and the cage had an authentic look and feel. For the workshops, we explored Tesla’s principles of wireless energy transmission and built custom designed wireless lamps to explore the concept further.