GeekPhysical, a clever combination of inventor and interaction designer, brings an interactive element into the social domain, and promotes play, discussion, and exploration by creating memorable experiences for people.

GeekPhysical is made up of Dzl, inventor and engineer, (Danish) and Vanessa Carpenter, Master of Interaction Design (Canadian).


Dzl has worked on a huge number of exciting projects including radio and electronics exploration and development, reverse engineering of a 1 ton ABB robot, navigation and control systems for a submarine, guidance system and pressure sensor for a rocket, working with high voltage projects, special effects and extensively with sound and electronic music, among much more.


Vanessa is an Interaction Designer with a Master’s degree from Malmö University in Sweden, and has completed creating the ideal circumstances for learning, interacting, and understanding one another while working with TAT, The Astonishing Tribe and HCIED2008 and HCIED2009. She has worked with a diverse range of companies and organizations, finding, analyzing and solving problems or creating experiences for them.

Everybody Knows Franks

Everybody Knows Frank is a network for creative people who are inventors, thinkers, engineers, geeks, tinkerers, modders, conceptualists, designers, hackers, makers, artists, and all those creating experiences for others. GeekPhysical is the co-creator of Everybody Knows Frank, working with Majken Kramer Overgaard to create opportunities for people to connect and collaborate. This network aims at bringing together all the people in the Öresund Region, and soon, the Scandinavian region, who work with technology in creative, innovative ways. We invite both creators and possible partners to participate. The goal is to create discussions between creative, innovative people who can help each other, collaborate, form possible partnerships, introduce networks, and be introduced to the people they possibly want to partner up with..


illutron is a Collaborative Interactive Arts Studio in the South Harbour of Copenhagen, Denmark. It's based on a 480ton ship which is our workshop and events venue. Dzl and Vanessa work as part of the ship's crew, Vanessa is the Events Manager and Dzl is the Electronics and Robot Guru. We use recycled technology to create amazing things. Some of the highlights of the past year have been the Dangerous Playground installation at Roskilde Festival 2010, the beautiful song of the singing plant, the charming and clever 1 ton ABB robot at Odense's Brandts museum, the fun and cheeky Ladies and Mens Room mixup, the cultural festival, KulturSYDhavn, and many more projects that can be explored on their website!

GeekPhysical in the press -
a selection of media mentions

"Lacking the patience to do it by hand, GeekPhysical built a CNC machine to decorate Easter eggs. (The hardware design is ingenious...)"

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"When geeks get married, there's always room for some nerdy insanity."

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"Once again, Vanessa and her group manage to fight awkwardness with awkwardness."

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"It can be a challenge to really personalize the wedding ritual enough to make it feel like your own - but Vanessa definitely found a unique way."

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"The electrode-equipped Galvanic Skin Response Bouquet doesn't give the couple much choice about wearing their hearts on their sleeves"

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" of several biometric projects developed by the designer/engineer duo Vanessa Carpenter and Dzl"

Featured projects: Biometric Jewelry or Arbormorphic

As part of a series on the "Future of Health", PSFK interviewed GeekPhysical about our work with biometrics, sensors and how we felt about the world of sensing technologies as it related to UNICEF. "We think it could also be vital to have health workers aware of their stress levels without having to think about it or analyze themselves."

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Featured projects: Biometric Jewelry or VFD Clock

As part of completion for a Masters in Interaction Design, Vanessa set up a table at the Business to Buttons Conference in Malmo. The booth was made to show how easy tangible computing and rapid prototyping can be! We made a simple interaction, a transistor intertwined with a LED, hooked up to a 9v, powered by people acting as the human resistor. It was a beautiful little interactive exhibit than literally ANYONE could make and even the Swedish news got excited about.

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"Here’s a Christmas tree project we can get behind."

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"The small LED Matrix displays can be mounted on both male and female doors, and the image shown can be switched as folks enter and leave. Needless to say, such a setup caused quite a bit of hilariousness / confusion."

in collaboration with Illutron and students from Malmo Master of Interaction Design. Read full article over at Engadget.