We like to help people realize their ideas and goals by exploring unconventional, unexpected uses of technology to create interactive experiences. We create memorable interactions and design to get it right through prototyping, user testing, concept development and learning from each step along the way. Below are some examples of our "interactions":

Cold Feet Interactive Wedding Bouquet

Project “Cold Feet” the Interactive Wedding Bouquet was designed by GeekPhysical to show, at a glance, if the bride is excited (white) or calm (blue). Her emotions register instantly and are shown to all, through the bouquet.

The Cold Feet Interactive Wedding Bouquet debuted at first, our wedding, and then at the Bridal & Fashion Expo in San Paulo Brazil to show a fun and geeky side of bouquets. The bouquet was shown on Mais Voce, a popular women's talk show. You can view the broadcast here (in Portuguese). They discuss the Cold Feet bouquet at approximately 3:35.

The bouquet was then shown two more bridal expos in Brazil during 2010. Read about the experience and how it works here.

The Giant Printer

GeekPhysical teamed up with a Brazilian guerilla marketing company, Espalhe, to use the Giant Printer to paint the walls of the São Januário stadium with 1.923 handprints of the fans of Vasco da Gama football team.

You can read all about the story and the journey to Brazil here. The Giant Printer is a plotter device, hanging from two wires, which moves to an x,y coordinate to spray paint a surface, drawing based on information given to it by a vector file on a computer. The computer tells the motors in the printer where to move the printer to, and when to spray, allowing it to make a picture and move across the surface to draw it. The Giant Printer has previously been used in Copenhagen for the 2006 Public Service Festival and the 2010 Venture Cup Software Finals. It has been completely re-imagined and re-designed since it's inception in 2006 and it's re-use in 2010 and has been produced on a CNC machine.

The Jeans Ball

A strange sight – a massive ball of 1500 pairs of jeans, attracted many visitors at the beautiful train station of Copenhagen Central to promote ONLY Jeans.

ONLY Jeans asked event organizer Zep to create a giant ball of jeans to promote their brand. GeekPhysical built the electronics for the project and found a way to attach and release the 1500 pairs of jeans to a giant metal ball commissioned for the event. Amidst stage fog, a DJ’s music, flashing lights, and eager screams from the crowds, the jeans came off the ball in a dramatic gesture, and were then picked up by hundreds of happy ONLY fans.

Razzle Dazzle: Interactive Costume

Razzle Dazzle was an interactive outfit made for a promotions company where the entire costume lit up in different segments creating an on-stage light show.

4 groups of RGB LED strands each have 3 primary colours and we used an Arduino board running a program which cycles the colours and determines how it should light up. Twelve light levels are fed to the LEDs through six different programs including: Strobe with rate control | Static colour and brightness | Brightness cycle, looks like a wave going up and down the suit so you can control the speed | Random flicker. This was part of a project done for Bestseller in Denmark.

The Touching Booth

Photo Booth meets Kissing Booth in this interactive installation created for LABtoLAB in Nantes, France.

Created for the artistic venue, Le Lieu Unique, the Touching Booth is a fun installation, promoting touch and playfulness! Each time the photo is taken, half the screen changes so as to allow strange combinations of strangers or friends - or even two instances of the same person occur. When one person touches the other, the camera takes a photo of one side of the scene - when another touch is 'felt' the other side of the photo is taken. In this way, two photos make up the scene and people had fun playing with the possibilities, creating some amusing photos and finding some interesting ways to 'connect'.

Biometric Social Interaction (BSI)

How do people socially interact when they are aware of their biosignals? Playing with the social domain, we explore how people interact and react physiologically through the use of biometrics sensors including thermal output, heart rate, brain activity, posture, movement, and mechanical body reaction.

We have created three experiments to date: the Critical Corset, the Wireless Biometrics System at a networking event at Babel nightclub in Malmö, Sweden, and the Biometric Social Interaction System featured at Festival della Creativita, Florence, Italy and ThoughtMade, Malmö, Sweden. We hope to develop the system further, possibly including EEG, and pushing people's boundaries just a bit further... Read more here to learn about each of the appearances of the BSI system. Read about the various appearances and technology of the Biometric Social Interaction system and how it works here.

Sea Stallion

The Sea Stallion is a prototype for an interactive museum exhibit created by Roskilde University Experience Lab in partnership with Roskilde Viking Ship Museum.

It is built on a framework consisting of a Kinect Sensor and 6 projectors creating a circular space where any information can be displayed in a continuous view. The content presents itself to the participant, reacting instantly to change in position. Audio, video and photographs are localized to the person in the space. Technology developed by Nikolaj "Dzl" Møbius of GeekPhysical and by Nicolas Padfield of illutron.

The Critical Corset

As a person's heart rate rises, the corset tightens, automatically ensuring the practice of standing up taller by tightening the stomach and enhancing the chest, and indicating to the wearer, before they are cognitively aware, that they are attracted to someone.

The Critical Corset was built as a research project exploring attraction and wearable technology. It was the catalyst for GeekPhysical's exploration in biometrics as we quickly realized that heart rate can increase due to many more factors than just attraction. (This might be obvious, but alas, romance won us over here and we went along with the experiment anyway). Read about the various appearances and technology of the Critical Corset and how it works here.

Me and Mrs Jones

A project exploring touch and clothing. A series of clothing that creates a sense of connection between people.

The first outfit is a skirt and blouse. When someone holds the wearer around the waist, she lights up, skirt embedded with fiber optics and blouse with LEDs. The second outfit is a man's shirt with a target on the breast pocket. If someone touches the target, the opening of the shirt glows red. These two together are what constitute Me & Mrs. Jones, inspired by the jazz song of two people coming together for a secret rendezvous.

Safe & Alive

Safe & Alive is a humanitarian fund in Denmark which helps victims of human trafficking. To raise awareness and funds, they held a fashion show in Copenhagen's North Harbour, at Docken.

They needed a quick solution to elegantly create a VIP area, GeekPhysical used electroluminescent panelling and mirrors to create a beautiful border for the VIP area. Furthermore, we created a small but significant interactive installation: a projected image of the logo of Safe & Alive which would be 'wiped' away when people walked through the VIP area, exposing images of human trafficking below.

Projected Brick

Imagine one brick in a wall of bricks, but of course, this one is special - and has a video playing in it.

The projected brick is our first work with pico projectors, where we took apart a pico projector and used the insides to become part of another project. The brick is machined on a CNC machine from metal, and is created so as to allow a tiny screen to be projected from the inside of the brick using a mirror reflection system, to the front of the brick, therefore allowing that one brick to have a movie playing on it.

Make experiences memorable

Having fun at any age means exploring and discovering - we explore the ideal human experience for a given situation. We have a background in designing experiences for people and interactions for technology and for people interacting with technology.

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