There's no (okay, very little) fun in doing intriguing projects if you can't tell someone about it, is there? We have a blog and this site, but we also love to share what we've done with others. We present our work in the form of talks, discussions, education, events and installations. We do love to talk. Here are a few examples of our lectures:

RUC: Roskilde University

Dzl is a Technology Guru at Roskilde University where he teaches students about tangible computing, interactivity, using sensors, CNC machines, laser cutters, and hardware tools to create projects.

He's also part of RUC's Experience Lab where interactive exhibitions like the Sea Stallion are created. Both Dzl & Vanessa are teaching workshops at Roskilde University on subjects like Rapid Prototyping, Concept Development and using Low-Fi Prototyping tools. You can visit RUC here.

ITU: IT University of Copenhagen

Lectures have been held at ITU, Copenhagen's IT University. These have been for both Bachelor's and Master's students of Interaction Design. Our talks so far have included: Introduction to Rapid Prototyping | Atypical Interaction Design | Arduino Inspiration

Some of our lectures at ITU are part-lecture and part-workshop where we take half the time to introduce ourselves and the topic and the rest playing, introducing new topics through hands-on experience in the lecture hall, with whatever is at hand. We believe this helps to switch up the normal routine of listening to an external lecturer go on for two hours and gives students something to connect over, after the class. You can visit ITU online here, and see some of our slides from our "Arduino Inspiration" lecture here.

ThoughtMade, Sweden: An event speaker

"With the help of cutting edge interactive installations and internationally acclaimed speakers, ThoughtMade aspires to become a meeting place for innovators of all creeds in the Ă–resund region." - from

GeekPhysical was one of several speakers presenting at ThoughtMade's debut at InKonst in Malmo, Sweden. We introduced our Biometric Social Interaction system and discussed how important cross collaboration and invention is. We introduced our thoughts on the 'revolution' taking place now - moving from throw-away-technology to hackable technology, reversing back to the age of innovation experienced in the 1950's and re-imagining what is possible with DIY and collaborative work environments and attitudes.

Dorkbot CPH

Dorkbot CPH was held at CIID (Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design) in Copenhagen.

We spoke about our work with Biometric Social Interaction while it was still in its stages of infancy, introducing our tools, technology and methods, and giving people the opportunity to play with the biometric sensors. We had a great discussion and met some fantastic people in the process!

Aalborg University

While doing a workshop in Aalborg with illutron, Dzl and Christian Lijledahl gave a two hour lecture on projects illutron and GeekPhysical have completed.

In their lecture, Dzl & Christian explored and explained their experience with engineering, inventing, and problem solving as well as artistic idea development, user experience, adaptation and evolution of project and emergent use qualities.

Fun, interactive, entertaining.

Our goal is for our talks to be inspiring - to transformers listeners into learners.

We aim to create a sense of enthusiasm and empowerment amongst those present. We want to show our projects to inspire and share our knowledge to teach. As often as possible, we'd love for our lectures to include a hands-on learning element.

We'd love to discuss opportunities to inspire with you. Contact Vanessa via mail.

We create presentations for: